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We feed the future

Maldera Group represents and encompasses the various corporate divisions belonging to the Maldera family , through the parent company Oleificio Sannicola srl . The company, operating in the production of extra virgin olive oil, has launched various investment activities in recent years in Italy and abroad through assessments of opportunities in dynamic contexts related to one's main activity that favor the transition to a circular economy.

The company

We are renewal, development, sustainability and transparency.
We are Maldera.

From these values ​​comes a shared vision, projected towards the achievement of a single objective: to create an excellent extra virgin olive oil, with unique organoleptic qualities and high health properties. From a passion handed down from generation to generation, the small family craft business has turned into a big project. The spirit of sacrifice of those who preceded us and the unconditional love for the territory and culture in which we live, have been the engine that has led us to work tirelessly every day to transform our raw materials into pure excellence to bring to the table .

We have chosen to invest in process innovation , always keeping alive the red thread that binds us to tradition but betting on research and technological development.

We have chosen to invest in people , stimulating and inspiring our collaborators in the search for perfection, overcoming their limits and improving every day.

We have chosen to invest in quality , guaranteeing a more accurate control of the supply chain, also through our "Olifarm" brand, specialized in the sale of plant protection products that preserve and improve the treatment of agricultural crops.

They are professional choices, but above all they are choices dictated by the heart. And from a great vision: that of spreading the culture of Italian quality oil on tables around the world. And, why not, a little piece of Puglia: Corato, the "home" of the most prized and long-lived variety, the famous Coratina olive.
Our house.


The first family oil mill was born in the city center of Corato (Ba).

The oil mill switches to a press system to obtain the oil through the mechanical pressing process.

In recent years, the small family oil mill decided to move its headquarters from the city center to a suburban area, to improve and increase its production capacity. At the same time, the company moved from a mechanical press process to a cold oil extraction system using "decanters".

The company, spread over an area of ​​about 5,000 square meters, tripled its production capacity by serving the biggest Italian brands dedicated to the sale of extra virgin olive oil and started a small bottling line.

The "Oleificio Sannicola srl" was born and a profound corporate restructuring was started which started with the implementation of a new production system, capable of processing around 250,000 (q) of olives during the entire oil campaign. In the same years, to guarantee the control of the supply chain and the quality of the product, the company started a commercial activity under the "Olifarm" brand, specialized in the sale of phytosanitary products, with the aim of preserving and improving the treatment of agricultural crops.

The company perfects its quality standards relating to food safety by acquiring IFS (International Food Standard) recognition and BRC (Global Standard for Food Safety) certification, a necessary prerequisite for being able to export its products globally.

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